Paylaşım AscensionSky2 Yep yeni Karahan Private Server İçeri...


30 Ara 2020
Tepkime puanı

Hello dear EPvP community, i'm glad to introduce you about our TwelveSky2 Ascension server. First of all, let's talk about myself, My name is Furkan, i'm programming since 2012, i was developing a game named Silkroad Online so i'm sure about myself, i'm capable of running huge servers and messing with MMORPG categorized servers since years so that means you'll be having a smooth gameplay experience in TwelveSky2 Ascension.

Basically, as most of you can see the situation of the current game, called as Karahan/TwelveSky2 official servers. We are here to provide you a great gaming experience. We will be trying our best to make this thing happened, and make this place where your dreams are being true! I promise that y'all will like our server.

As the beginning, you'll be asking about the max level cap i can imagine that, so in our server the maximum deity cap is 12, yeah! We choosed to do it like that.
As an extra, we added the Auto potion system, it works client based and you can see it the right bottom of the game window, and it's completely free! So that means you won't be paying for this feature. it's enabled for all of our players!
As like as a combo: We've enabled the costumes system to the current client, so by doing that, we also providing a great look for your characters instead of the current boring clothes and stuff.

We all know that, this game is exploitable and hackable, for this issue, we've developed an addon for the game in order to get rid from these hackers around, the current hackable methods are patched successfuly so we will be preventing hacks/exploits. Our GM's also will be watching the people to provide the legal gaming experience for our players.

Our server is located at France and it is DDoS protected server, we've choosed it like that for having the best ping for the europe players, we also planning to make an addon for our Philippines/Chinese/Thailand players.
The current rates are like;
  1. Start Level : D1
  2. Max Level : D12
  3. Exp Ratio : 350x
  4. Pet Exp Ratio : 50x
  5. Items Drop Ratio : 50x
  6. Gold Drop Ratio : 50x