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Tanıtım [Guerra Online] NO DONATE! Cap110 iSro Style

13 Tem 2019

We are Guerra Online, a new community on the rise. Our core team is made up of people from all over the world and we speak in more than 3 languages.
You might wonder what is our goal: it is to provide the best gameplay experience you have ever had with NO DONATION! Our support is rated quite high and we have experience in what we do so don't avoid telling us about your problems or suggestions.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

First D11 Cap 110 server with NO DONATION!

Grand Openning: 8/8/2019




Server Info

Cap 110
Skills Cap 110
Degree 11
Race Chinese & European
Mastery 330
Solo EXP/SP Rates 35x
Party EXP/SP Rates 40x
Drop Rate 2x
Max Plus Max +10
Auto EQ Working! 1D - 9D
Monster Respawn 10x
DDOS Protected Yes
Silk Per Hour Yes "1"
Exploits Protected Yes
FGW Working!
Daily Events Yes
PC limit 4
Egy items FGW
Coin system like iSro

Starting Equipment

Auto Equipment up to 9D

Specially designed temple (Teleport from Hotan) for Coins

You will need this key to enter

Key can be gained from uniques

Guerra Online NPCs

Item Plus Notice starts from +8

How to get Egy Set?

Same as isro, for coins from Alex "Theif-Hunter-Trader Union Item Exchange Manger"

Egy Accessory can be gained from Arena Item Manager for Arena Coin

Arena Coin can be obtained from Jobbing

Forgotten world is enabled same just like isro system, it's the only way you can earn egypt weapons and Sun D10


Q: How to get Egy Weapons?
A: From Forgotten World Only

Q:How to get Egy Set?
A:From Theif-Hunter-Trader Union Item Exchange Manger for Coins

Q:How to get Egy Accs?
A: From Arena Items Manager for Arena Coins

Q:How to get Gold/Silver/Copper Coins for Egy Set?
A:From Tomb teleport in Hotan

Q:How to get Arena Coins?
A:From Jobbing, CTF, Battle Arena

Q:How to get Silk?
A:From Regular Uniques, Hourly Automatic events, Silk per hour, and special events made by GM

We look forward to seeing you around!
Guerra Team


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