90 Cap Zethus Online ★ Cap 90 ★ EU & CH ★ PVE ★ Original System ★

12 Mar 2020
Alınan Beğeni

Greetings Silkroad Community!
We know that most of you are looking for a reliable server to play with your friends and enjoy the original content. We are honored to present Zethus Online, which is created for all players looking for an exciting adventure and experience. We proudly present our 90 Cap PVE Server.

About Zethus:
Zethus Online is the Silkroad Private server that brings back old days with low rats and smooth gameplay.

What do we provide?
Old-School Original system and old interfaces (GUI), We provide stability and reliability.

Why should you play Zethus?
Simply, we have created a server where you know every detail, with a completely stable, steam-free, professional team management and original gameplay.

What makes us different?
Nowadays all private servers are new GUIs, Extreme rats, Nonsense items, Scrolls, Effects etc. uses. We believe that these private servers should bring back the old days we lived. That's why we developed our server with a pleasant touch based on the original system.

Can bots Mbot, Sbot, Phbot be used?
Of course, all boots are available and work flawlessly!

Grand opening:
We have made sure that all server functions have been running smoothly in the last months in order to make the big opening smoothly without beta stages. Zethus Online Opening date is February 22, 2020 .

Don't panic for two classes and balance to make it more engaging and fun because the CH mastery limit has been increased to 360 so we can offer a game that will satisfy everyone.

90 Cap is the closest to hearts and many players love it.
It's not old and new so players who love old school can easily adapt.

Mastery limit is 360 for CH and 180 for EU. There will be a legendary competition between the two races.

Guild & Union
We set the guild limit to 32 and the union limit to 2 for big challenges and duels.
As soon as you create the guild, 5lv. and Union Chat is open to all players.



We only have three currencies in Zethus.


We have 3 types of SOX Items.
1. Seal of Star (SOS) = Last Tier +1.5
2. Seal of Moon (SOM) = Last Tier +3
3. Seal of Sun (SUN) = Last Tier +5

Seal of star

SOS can be obtained from creatures as drops and can be purchased from Arena Item Manager NPC in Samarkand for Arena Coin.

Seal of moon
SOM can be obtained from creatures as drops and can be purchased from Arena Item Manager NPC in Samarkand in exchange for Arena Coin.

Seal of sun
SUN can no longer be obtained from creatures as drops.

It can be obtained by collecting books through Forgotten World.

It can be obtained as a drop on medium rats from the last unique available in Forgotten World.

It is only available through Magic POP.

Arena Item Manager in Samarkand can be purchased from NPC for Arena Coin.

Item Mall

Guild & Union

Alchemy Box


Experience bar



You can also get Slayer Titles with Unique Slayer Quests in Samarkand.

We have removed all Merchants from cities other than Jangan and Donwhang so you can only trade between these two cities and the fight between thiefs and hunters will be legendary.


Academy Graduation

Apprentices can graduate from academia when their character is 40 Level ( 60 Level for Graduate Assistant ) (hot key L ).
Graduate button becomes active when the character reaches 40 Level ( 60 Level for Graduate Assistant ). The character graduates from the academy window (hot key L ) using this button. When the apprentice graduates, a graduation information window will appear with the character name of the character who graduated. After graduation, a screen will appear to evaluate your guard.

Honor rating is best 1. ~ 50. sorted by the owner of the academy and can be checked through the bank NPC. The ranking is renewed every day at 00:00 and the system chooses the score obtained in case there is a tie. Additional experience points are awarded in a renewed honor ranking.
You must have at least 10 points in order to rank in the ranking of honor, and if you fall below 10 points as a result of negative evaluations, you will be removed from the ranking even if you have already ranked.

The guild attacking in the fortress war is allowed to produce items related to the fortress wars, to take different transportation measures and to enjoy comfort rest.
Fortress war takes place every week between 21:00 and 23:30 on Sunday (Zethus Standard Time).
A guild winning the fortress war has the right to occupy the fortress for a week.
A guild occupying a fort is allowed to collect the tax rate and taxes during the week.

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